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      He knew this to be a sound and sensible plan, but he did not in the least wish to assent to it. In the first place, it would look as if he{160} acknowledged some basis of reason in his wifes attitude the evening before; in the second place, he would no longer have those half-hours after dinner in his library with Norah and her brother. He knew that they had become the pearl of the day to him.

      She had her hands full of the sheets, and he walked with her as far as the door of the very small room where the typewriting was to be done, and opened it for her. It was built out under the tiles, and was excessively hot and stuffy on this warm September morning.

      And considering that last year there was a{74} deficit, he said, where would you get your money to pay the interest?

      She flushed a little.

      Ten pounds! he said. I shouldnt dream of giving more than seven for it. Even that would be a fancy price.

      Mr Keeling regarded his wife with a faint twinkle lurking behind his gray eyes.



      Evensong at half-past! he said. Blow evensong! There!Oh! Is that quite proper?